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Poland is a country of enterprising people, a „crisis – resistant” economy and an excellent business partner. With a strong economy, broad range of investment incentives and the comprehensive support of government agencies, Poland has become one of the most attractive investment destination and a place where economic returns on foreign capital are three times more likely than other European Union countries.

For several years, Poland has been proving why it has a leading economic position in Central Eastern Europe. Moreover, Poland has become the undisputed “number-one” investment location in Central and Eastern Europe as stability, consistency and a policy of open doors for foreign capital encourages investors to do business in Poland. Many international surveys show that in terms of investment attractiveness there is no better place than Poland. In Recent EY’s “European Attractiveness survey” the country was defined as the „investment magnet” of the region by overtaking the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine and Turkey and leaving all of its neighbours far behind. The latest “Doing Business” report from the World Bank, also confirms its leading position – Poland is considered to be the best location to invest in Central Europe and 25th in the world. Poland also competes with major European powers.

There is no doubt that the position of Poland as one of the European frontrunners of investment attractiveness rankings is long lasting as investors operating in Poland are satisfied with doing business here and are investing here again and as the survey shows, they would also advise other companies from their countries to establish business here. Thus Poland’s image as an investment safe haven is spreading all over Europe.

  • Access to the benefits of the European Union, EEA, OECD
  • 93 treaties about avoiding double taxation
  • Attractive geographical location in Central Europe
  • Low labor costs
  • Strong and politically stable economy
  • No limitations concerning foreign shareholders

Thompson&Stein law firm as part of its services ensures:

  • Comprehensive service of the company registration process
  • Accounting service
  • Company seat (address)
  • Correspondence service
  • Help with opening a bank account
  • Help with acquiring VAT-UE
  • Help with acquiring a license (if it is required for this kind of activity)
  • English-language support at every stage

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The headquarters of Thompson&Stein is in Warsaw, the capital of Poland We have many years of experience in establishing and running all kinds of companies functioning in Poland

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