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Estonia (the Republic of Estonia) is a country that was founded after WWI in the north-eastern part of Europe, on the east coasts of the Baltic Sea, by the Gulf of Bothnia and the Gulf or Riga. Estonia borders in the east with Russia, in the south with Latvia and, in the north, through the Gulf of Bothnia, with Finland. A member of the European Union and NATO. The official currency is EURO.

Why is it worth establishing a company in Estonia?

  • No corporate income tax (CIT)
  • Possibility of managing the company at a distance via e-administration.
  • Transparent tax system
  • Estonian offices treat businessmen as partners, not as potential criminals
  • 51 treaties about avoiding double taxation, including the one with Poland
  • Establishing a company takes 24h


Thompson&Stein law firm as part of its services ensures:

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  • Comprehensive service of the company registration process
  • Accounting service
  • Company seat (address)
  • Correspondence service
  • Help with opening a bank account
  • Help with acquiring a license (if it is required for this kind of activity)
  • English-language support at every stage


International tax planning is a service which must be suited to the Client’s needs. We invite you to contact our law firm.


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