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comprehensive registration of companies

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In the era of globalization, running a company is not limited to activities only on the local market. As part of its activity, Thompson&Stein law firm offers services for companies which want to expand their business by registering entities in different countries. There are many reasons why such a solution may be beneficial. The main one is the desire to perform what is broadly understood as tax optimization by choosing a destination that offers “friendly tax policy”. The need for the development of an organic company and conducting operating activities on the territory of a third country often requires creating there a dedicated subsidiary.

Thompson&Stein’s offer in the range of foreign entities service is comprehensive. We help as early as at the stage of choosing the optimal place to register, taking into consideration the needs of our clients. We complete the process of registration from the beginning to the moment the local entity has been created. Local accounting firms that are part of the Thompson&Stein group provide service for the already existing companies. Thanks to our service, establishing and running a company outside the country is fluent and friendly.


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