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Poland is a country of enterprising people, a „crisis – resistant” economy and an excellent business partner. With a strong economy, broad range of investment incentives and the comprehensive support of government agencies, Poland has become one of the most attractive investment destination and a place where economic returns on foreign capital are three times more likely than other European Union countries.

For several years, Poland has been proving why it has a leading economic position in Central Eastern Europe. Moreover, Poland has become the undisputed “number-one” investment location in Central and Eastern Europe as stability, consistency and a policy of open doors for foreign capital encourages investors to do business in Poland. Many international surveys show that in terms of investment attractiveness there is no better place than Poland. In Recent EY’s “European Attractiveness survey” the country was defined as the „investment magnet” of the region by overtaking the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine and Turkey and leaving all of its neighbours far behind. The latest “Doing Business” report from the World Bank, also confirms its leading position – Poland is considered to be the best location to invest in Central Europe and 25th in the world. Poland also competes with major European powers.

There is no doubt that the position of Poland as one of the European frontrunners of investment attractiveness rankings is long lasting as investors operating in Poland are satisfied with doing business here and are investing here again and as the survey shows, they would also advise other companies from their countries to establish business here. Thus Poland’s image as an investment safe haven is spreading all over Europe.

The bank sector in Poland is well capitalized, innovative, very competitive and, most of all, is subject to thorough supervision of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF). Most of the Polish banks constitutes a part of large, foreign capital groups. Banks offer 24h access to electronic banking which allows for the use of the account from each place in the world and at any moment. The access to the wide offer of bank instruments has become common, e.g. to currency platforms, bank deposits as well as other products specially designed for companies. Polish banks also offer the support in numerous departments, almost in each of them, it is possible to meet with the advisor, conclude a contract for services closely adjusted to the needs as well as perform a cash withdrawal in the bank unit. There is a possibility of issue of payment and credit cards assigned to the account. Visa and Master Card cards are accepted all over the world, which facilitates withdrawals and financial operations.

The Polish banks were resistant to economic crisis which affected the global financial institutions. No need to provide aid to the Polish banks during the highest economic slowdown in Europe proves its great maturity and stability.

The most important information:

  • support of bank accounts is performed in Polish and English;
  • a client has full access to their account via an internet platform in English;
  • the most of bank departments also conducts cash service (in and out payments);
  • there is a possibility to hold an account in many currencies;
  • client can choose a Visa, Maestro or MasterCard debit card
  • cash deposits are in full guaranteed by the Bank Guarantee Fund (up to the amount of EUR 100,000);
  • Thompson&Stein, the Polish department, helps the Clients to complete all the formal requirements while remote account opening, without necessity to come to Poland;
  • Thompson&Stein specialists choose the bank which fits best the activity profile for the Clients;
  • Thompson&Stein specialists give the possibility to open and hold a bank account for Companies registered in the European Union and Offshore. We help the Clients to complete all the formal requirements while remote account opening, without necessity to come to Poland.
  • Polish banks have an offer of bank accounts for natural persons - non-residents;

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