Bank account opening services

for corporate and individual clients

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Thompson&Stein law firm provides access to international financial instruments. For our clients, we provide services connected with opening and managing bank accounts worldwide. Thanks to the support of Thompson&Stein employees, most of the operations are performed remotely. All of the operations are in the language preferred by the Client. We offer help in opening bank accounts both for companies registered in European, Asian, and offshore countries.

We cooperate with banks functioning both in European countries, regulated, as well as in places where banking secrecy is most restrictive, among others:

  • Poland
  • Malta
  • Estonia
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia
  • Lebanon
  • Qatar

We manage both bank accounts for corporate clients, as well as foreign accounts for individual clients.

Thanks to the support of our specialists, opening a foreign bank account for your company has never been that easy. Opening a foreign bank account for an individual client is an opportunity to diversify the risk connected with accumulating capital in one country or bank institution.


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