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Maintaining highest standards of our service requires a restrictive approach to the confidentiality of the information transferred. Therefore, in every case and at every stage of the cooperation, a non-disclosure agreement binding both parties is signed.

Signing the agreement guarantees professional cooperation and execution of business objectives. Thomson&Stein fully complies with data security standards for storing and protecting sensitive information. Absolute discretion is the foundation of our operation.

Our Pricing Policy

We believe that there are no identical cases. Therefore, the costs of our services vary. With our tailored approach to our customers we individually discuss their preferences of payment. Depending on the range of services, following payment methods are available:

  • hourly rate negotiated with the Client for an hour worked by the Office;
  • lump sum remuneration, independently of working hours, usually used during projects or opinions;
  • lump sum remuneration for accounting and charity services

Find out more

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